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TransportMarketplace brings together shippers...

Régis Barbenchon
TransportMarketplace is a global marketplace freight exchange that aims to connect transport and logistics professionals, bring them new business and improve their efficiency through cloud computing. Users register and can immediately obtain new business through this service. Shippers deposit their freight using a transparent form free of charge. Carriers check the available freight, contact the shipper and send their quote for only €19.90 per month. Simplicity, the business model and the wide opening of the market are its greatest assets. Members gain new business through the platform while saving time by simplifying the entire loop of deposit/quotes/reservation/confirmation/arrival notification.

Régis Barbenchon.


As a sovereign human, I have always believed in my lucky star. 20 years were necessary to realize my dream: to give back to our world its humanity. Invincible, untraceable, impenetrable, all my bodies and all my senses are protected. I am neither destructible nor discernible. To participate in the success of the #WeShare model, click on the +. Regis