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Régis Barbenchon
RB & Associates is registered with the Common Law Court. Our users understand that RB & Associates as the master of the transport marketplace operates honourably in its contractual relationships according to the principles of common law, without damage, loss or prejudice to its users and partners. RB & Associés operates legally and not for fraudulent purposes. RB & Associates is able to offer competitive and realistic prices for its services and free to distribute its profits in projects for the common good of humanity.

Régis Barbenchon.


As a sovereign human, I have always believed in my lucky star. 20 years were necessary to realize my dream: to give back to our world its humanity. Invincible, untraceable, impenetrable, all my bodies and all my senses are protected. I am neither destructible nor discernible. To participate in the success of the #WeShare model, click on the +. Regis